In 2018, We had a vision of creating a radio station that would showcase the best soul music to a global audience. With our passion for music and broadcasting, we set out to make this dream a reality. We knew that the key to success was to create a platform that would not only showcase great music but also bring together a community of like-minded music lovers.


We started by building a team of passionate DJs who shared our vision for the station. Together, they began to create unique playlists that would showcase the best soul music from around the world. Their playlists were carefully curated to include classic hits as well as new and upcoming artists.

As the team grew, so did the station's fanbase.

Listeners from all over the world began tuning in to the station, drawn by the unique playlists and the sense of community that our team had created. The station became a hub for music lovers, a place where they could come together to share their passion for soul music.


As the station continued to grow, Our team worked tirelessly to improve the listening experience for their audience. They invested in high-quality equipment and worked on improving the sound quality of their broadcasts.

They also began to expand their programming, adding new shows and features that would appeal to a wider audience.


Today, the station is a thriving community of music lovers from all over the world. Our vision has become a reality, and the station continues to grow and evolve, bringing the best soul music to an ever-expanding audience.

It's a testament to the power of passion and vision, and it's a story that inspires us all to follow our dreams and create something truly special.

Radio station studio: microphone, sound mixer, phone on the table