Rediscovering the Chic Risque album again.

Jan 17, 2024

Chic's "Risque" album is a timeless classic that continues to captivate music enthusiasts around the world. With its infectious grooves and unforgettable melodies, this iconic record has stood the test of time, remaining as influential and relevant today as it was upon its initial release.

Upon rediscovering the "Risque" album, one is immediately struck by the sheer brilliance of Chic's musical craftsmanship. The seamless blend of disco, funk, and R&B elements creates a sonic tapestry that is both irresistibly danceable and musically intricate.

One of the album's standout tracks, "Good Times," remains an anthem of celebration and joy, with its infectious bassline and uplifting lyrics. The song's influence can be heard in countless modern-day hits, a testament to the enduring impact of Chic's music.

chic risque

Another highlight of the album is the sultry "My Forbidden Lover," which exudes an undeniable sense of allure and sophistication. The smooth vocals and sleek instrumentation make this track a standout example of Chic's ability to craft seductive, yet sophisticated, dancefloor anthems.

Chic's "Risque" album not only showcases the band's exceptional musicianship but also their pioneering production techniques. The album's lush arrangements and crisp, dynamic sound continue to set a standard for excellence in the realm of disco and funk music.

Listening to "Risque" in the present day offers a renewed appreciation for the artistry and innovation that Chic brought to the music landscape. The album's timeless appeal serves as a reminder of the band's enduring legacy and their significant contributions to popular music.

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As we revisit the "Risque" album, we are reminded of the profound impact that Chic has had on the evolution of popular music. Their influence can be felt across genres and generations, cementing their status as true pioneers and visionaries in the world of music.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Chic or discovering their music for the first time, "Risque" continues to offer a captivating journey through the golden age of disco, showcasing the band's unparalleled talent and creativity.

So, take a trip down memory lane or embark on a new musical adventure by revisiting Chic's "Risque" album. Let the infectious rhythms and timeless melodies transport you to a world of glamour, groove, and unbridled musical passion.



All songs recorded and mixed at Power Station in New York
Additional recording at Kendun Studios, Calif. and Electric Lady Studios, N.Y.
Mastered at Atlantic Studios in N.Y.
All songs produced for the Chic Organization, Ltd.

℗ © 1979 Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Warner Communications Company